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Mediumistic since birth and a long time Meditation and Mantra practitioner, Karen blends compassion and loving kindness with ethical mediumship to bring you messages of joy, upliftment and empowerment. She listens to the voice of your soul to provide guidance to bring you answers to help you to continue along your path.

As well as being a certified Medium she is a Reiki Master and Nada (Sound)Yoga Teacher. She is a student of mantra, meditation and non-dual tantric philosophy. She is currently in the third year of her Doctorate degree in Metaphysics. Karen honed her mediumship training with teachers Doreen Virtue and with Mavis Pitilla, who is on the faculty of the renowned Arthur Findlay College in the UK. She has been vegetarian and vegan since she was 13 years old.

Additional Information:

Karen grew up steeped mysticism. As a child, she began to communicate with her guides following a near death experience, when at the age of six she drowned in a pool. As she grew up, she pursued her creative expression in music, dance, and theater. With spirituality always at the forefront, she became attracted to Eastern philosophy and Hinduism, and began working with the mediumistic faculty she’s had since childhood. In 2012 she began to actively channel her Higher Self, whose message is always that of Love and Oneness.

She is an advocate of the ethical practice and believes and teaches about the healing and transformational power of Sacred Sound and Mantra. Her goal is empowerment and to help you move through blocks in your life. Karen is passionate about bring messages of joy, upliftment, and healing. She especially is interested inspiring women to use their voices and move into their power.

~ using her intuitive abilities and advanced empathy, she can listen to the voice of your soul and add insight’s harmony and vitality on your life’s path. From the tarot to access visceral information which can empower you to resolve issues, regain focus and balance in your life.

~ as a medium, she helps the bereaved to find solace, joy, and upliftment by reconnecting with loved ones in spirit and sharing detailed and accurate evidence of their continued existence. So, you know, you are never alone and love never dies.

~ she can listen to the voice of your soul and add insights from the tarot or oracle decks to access visceral information which can empower you to resolve issues, regain harmony and vitality on your life’s path.

~ as a Reiki Master, she blends with spirit guides to allow transformative power flows from their spirit to yours to help mend body, mind, and spirit.

~ as a public speaker and radio host, she educates and inspires people with rational views of life, death and spirituality from a Non-dual and non-dogmatic perspective.

~she gives workshops internationally and travels regularly to India to speak on Yoga festivals and events on Mantra and the power of Bhakti.

-she is active on Youtube as the host of the Saturday Hucolo Webinar and has her own radio show called About Oneness.

~Karen is a Sacred Sound musician and uses music, mantra, sound and toning in devotion and for healing

Areas of interest:

Spirituality: spiritual practice, psychic development and contact with guides, universal truths, law of attraction, non-dogmatic tantra

Mediumship: Contact with past friends and relatives, dealing with loss of a loved one and messages from the other side.

Relationship issues: new relationships, fidelity (cheating), parent/child, friend/friend, toxic relationship, moving on.

Personal challenges: financial, personal or emotional blocks; getting rid of “stinking thinking” and self esteem, personal empowerment, motivation and goal setting, letting go

Energy work: energy blocks/removal, sound and energy healing, Reiki

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Geplaatst door: josephina
11 October 2018 om 18:20

Bedankt voor een hele fijne reading. Ik had een hele concrete vraag over iets waar ik mee zat, iets waardoor ik twijfelde aan mezelf en hoe ik overkom op anderen. Je gaf me mooie inzichten in hoe dit voor een groot deel bij de ander zit, en wat ik kan doen om mijn motieven naar anderen toe te verhelderen. Heel praktische tips waar ik mee aan de slag kan. Bedankt ik voel me nu een stuk positiever en ga je adviezen uit proberen.

Geplaatst door: carola
07 March 2016 om 12:46

Hallo Karen Op de huishoudbeurs heb je voor mij de kaarten gelegd. Je vertelde precies hoe mijn situatie nu was. Het raakte mij maar gaf ook bevestiging. Uiteindelijk stelde het me enorm gerust dat je vertelde dat het goed komt. Hier zijn we ook hard aan aan het werken. Dankje wel voor je fijne reading! Heeft me goed gedaan. Gr Carola

Geplaatst door: Charlotte
19 February 2016 om 10:48

Dear Karen , I could feel instantly that you are one amazing person. You gave me the answers I needed. Pictured my father as he was when he was young. That was a fantastic conversation. Thank you so much to give me the opportunity to also test my gift. Thank you for the light and love you provide. Lot of love ...

Geplaatst door: S.H.
06 April 2014 om 13:13

Karen, ongelooflijk maar waar je had helemaal gelijk. Hij heeft niet voor mij gekozen, ik wilde je niet geloven maar hoe pijnlijk ook, hij blijft bij zijn vrouw. Ik voel me nu heel verdrietig maar voel ook een bepaalde rust.
Je bent een zeer goed medium.

Geplaatst door: Anoniem
16 February 2014 om 18:57

Thanks for the wonderfull reading and good advice! You really opened my eyes! Thank you so much!

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